Holiday Hampers

Dear Parents,

As the holidays are approaching, Grade 6 would like to support one of our school service learning partners: PCF (Philippine Community Fund). This organization works to improve the quality of life for families living in the poorest Filipino communities.

We want to continue the sixth grade tradition of supporting and caring for needy families by providing them with “Holiday Hampers” of basic food. Every advisory class will sponsor two families and this year, teachers will work in pairs to support one family. Advisories will be divided into two teams. Each team will take on the responsibility for providing for one family. In total, the sixth grade community will provide “Holiday Hampers” to 41 families.

Below is a prescribed list of food items that each of the 40 families will receive. We want to keep the hampers the same so that there is equity between families. Each team will work together to come up with a plan of how to divide the required food items and their value evenly. We will spend time in Math to demonstrate how to apply fraction skills in real-life situation.

We will try to personalize the experience by providing the profile of the family that each team will be supporting. We would like our students to develop empathy for those families that are not as fortunate and realize that they have the ability to make a difference in their lives. We ask that you let your child shop with you for these items, so that they can become active participants in this service learning experience.

We ask that you please stay within the criteria for food items, paying close attention to the size of each item.
Item (Approximate food supplies for 1 families of 4-6 people)
Canned meat products (~150 grams each can) i.e. Corned Beef, Sardines, Tuna, Ham, Turkey and/or Spam ~ 40P per can
UHT carton of whole milk (1 liter each carton) ~P per carton
Bags of rice (2 kilos each bag) 6 kilos all together ~160P per bag
Packages of coffee 3-in-1 mixture (~10 servings per bag) – i.e. Nescafe ~60P per pkg
Instant noodles (small packets) – i.e. Lucky Me brand ~10P per packet
Bottles of cooking oil (1 liter each bottle) ~100P per bottle
Bags of Sugar (1 kilo per bag) ~50P per bag
Jars/bags of Spaghetti Sauce (1 kilo each bag) ~65P per bag
Bags of dried spaghetti pasta (1 kilo each bag) ~100P per bag
Containers of grated parmesan cheese (~85 grams each) – i.e. Kraft ~100P each
Packages of cookies ~50-100P each
New, small stuffed animals – under 100 pesos

We appreciate your generosity and guidance with this service project. Your children and their teachers are excited about making a real difference in the lives of others during this holiday season. Thank you!

With kindest regards,
The Grade 6 Community