Grade 6 Updates

Dear Parents,

1. CWW – Island Cove

Our CWW Island Cove field trip is just around the corner. A lot of time has been invested to ensure a meaningful experience for all. After considering travel time and traffic congestion, we have decided that all students must be at school at 6:45 for a 7:00 a.m. departure time on Thursday, September 17.

For those students who take the bus, that will mean finding an alternate means of transportation to school so that your child arrives on time. Please make the necessary arrangements to ensure that your child is at school by 6:45.

Since we do not have a lot of storage space on the bus, please use the smallest piece of luggage or duffle bag to pack your child’s clothes and belongings. We also have sports, art and team building equipment that must fit within the limited storage space.

2. July, August, September Birthday Celebrations – Monday, September 21

We have scheduled five days throughout the year to celebrate birthdays in the 6th grade. Our first celebration is on Monday 21 September at 2:30pm. We are asking parents of students with birthdays in July, August and September to bring in a plate of food. It can be a plate of fruit or something sweet, such as cupcakes or donuts, for about 20 students (No soft drinks, please!)
In order to avoid having too much of one food item, please click on the following link and indicate what you will provide:
Here is a link to the sign up:

You will receive a reminder email the day before.
For further information, please contact one of the Grade 6 Parent Representatives, Eva Jordon ( or Cindy Bryson (

3. Facebook Page
The PCA has started a Grade 6 Facebook page. Please take the time to join the group. The link is:

Have a great weekend!

Kind Regards,
Wayne Hamaguchi
Grade 6 Program Leader

Frequency Table and Dot Plot

This for Block E & F.

Here is the address for the frequency video:

Watch this video for a review of today’s lesson.

Here is a practice problem for making a frequency table and dot plot.

Bob is always hungry at about 9:00pm. Here are the snacks he has eaten over two weeks:
chips, chips, donut, apple, chips, apple, apple, donut, donut, chips, chips, chips, apple, chips

Make a frequency chart for his 9:00pm snack and then make a dot plot.

Have Fun!

Mr. H